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Sterek AU: Derek is a tattoo artist and Stiles is his favourite client.

"In again?"

"You know me, baby doll, not stopping till I’m absolutely covered."

"Still not putting a tattoo on your ass, Stiles."

Their banter is the same every time. Stiles will hold the sketches loosely in his hand, grinning at Derek. Derek will be bent over a client, and his focus is absolutely perfect even as they glare at Stiles and act like the imaginary daggers flying from their eyes are going to shut him up.

Really. They think they can shut him up and that makes him want to laugh until he cries.

Erica always flicks Stiles in the arm, right in the first tattoo Derek ever gave him, which turned into the sleeve that covered his left arm. He’ll stick his tongue out at her and she’ll quickly find a nipple to pinch, making him yelp and dance away from her bright red nails and her wide grin which makes him feel like she’s going to eat him and savor every bite. She’s actually threatened that when she was drunk before.

As soon as Derek finishes with the client he’s working on, and they’ve confirmed they’re satisfied with his work (they always are because Derek is a master and obviously can’t be beat) Derek will hold his hand out for whatever sketches Stiles has come up with now, and there’s always a deeper meaning to them, someone he understands better than a lot of other people, so he never questions the little things between the lines of each sketch, and leaves Stiles be.

Their banter is always the same as Stiles settles himself on the table on whatever day Derek schedule to put the new ink on, but it’s not long before Stiles is quiet and high on pain and endorphins, eyes closed and head tipped back to expose the long line of his neck. There are marks hiding under the collar of his shirt but neither of them will mention them, not even when the shop is so quiet the only thing you can hear is them breathing and the buzz of the tattoo gun.

When the ink is done, Stiles doesn’t even have to listen to the care instructions, because he and Derek have been at this for two years now, ever since Stiles finally crept into the shop and got his first one after Scott did, and though he’d whined about having to be there with Scott the whole time, it’d only been a few days after that he was walking in all by himself.

And later, Derek will press gentle kisses to the bandages, and Stiles will tell him why he got the new ink, and every moment after until they’re both too exhausted to talk and listen anymore will be slow and tender, not unlike the way Derek puts each new piece of ink on his skin.

omg I can’t believe you actually wrote me something akdjfh this is perfect, thank you!!

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